The Stemz Healthcare team is well-versed in government visa requirements and able to support applicants throughout the medical fitness test part of the application process. We have an efficient online system through which applicant can schedule appointments as per their convenience. The visa medical process is carried out in sequential steps and the applicant is led through the center in an efficient and seamless manner.

Our Visa Medical Process

Applicants are expected to have preliminary medical check as part of the visa application process for Qatar. After the process steps and before the video please add – In some cases applicants may be required to complete further tests or investigations before their medical fitness certificate can be issued. These tests are scheduled with partnered referral hospitals and/or clinics and the applicant will be required to return to the Stemz Healthcare center to submit their reports. In order for the process to proceed smoothly, applicants must ensure they provide the correct contact information to the center, as they will be contacted via telephone, SMS and/or email to schedule their referrals.


a) Applicant documents are collected and verified

b) 3 Check process where the Passport, Appointment letter and the biometric receipt are matched for name, Date and time and verified.

c) Applicant is then guided to the registration desk


a) Registration of applicant after verification of documents.

b) EQMS token generation

c) Consent form signature capture

d) Biometric capture and Validation of biometric fingerprint with visa center

e) Order placing and billing placed on service requirements

f) Invoice generation

g) Invoice is printed along with the EQMS token number and handed over to the applicant

h) Guide applicant to waiting area


a) Identity verification using fingerprint

b) Vital signs capture

c) Visual acuity testing

d) Vaccine administration

e) History taking

f) Sample tube generation and affixation of barcode labels.

g) Collection of required blood samples

h) Guide applicant to waiting area


a) Identity verification using fingerprint

b) Review of nurse findings

c) Complete history and physical examination

d) Guide applicant to Exit


a) Identity verification using fingerprint

b) X ray image PA view taken

c) Image quality assessed by technician and sent to radiologist.

d) Guide applicant to waiting area

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